Origin of Tangdun Functional Boards

Tangdun functional boards are made of several kinds of inorganic materials by hydrating and hardening reaction and through rational preparation, modification and scientific maintenance, which are widely applied at indoor or outdoor finishing of buildings and provide a more safe life environment, non-toxic and non-harmful.


Ten Performance Features of Tangdun Functional Boards

Completely non-combustible, the melting point is 2270℃. The antiflaming process will not release smoke or harmful substance. It is a material of the highest fire rating (Class A1) at present.

Tangdun functional boards are made of natural inorganic mineral powder, without any formaldehyde, benzene and the like organic volatile matter and asbestos, heavy metal and the like harmful substance, and thus such kinds of materials will not release any smoke, toxic substance and foreign taste. Meanwhile the radioactive index is only 1/3~1/12 of the national highest grade, which belongs to new building material, natural, non-toxic, healthy and environmental protection.

Conductivity factor of Tangdun functional boards is <0.2w/m· k, and that of sand brick is 1.1w/m·k. The thermal insulation effect of Tangdun functional boards is 6 times more than that of common bricks. The materials are unique dense, with inorganic matter performance and its structure is a small natural even pore, keeping room temperature maintained in constant state effectively, saving energy consumption and making living-room and office room more comfortable.

In case Tangdun functional board, plaster board, density board and shaving board are immersed, plaster board, density board and shaving board will be scattered completely after 5 months while Tangdun functional boards are still kept well.

Performance of Tangdun functional boards can be stable all the time at wet weather or environment. Though the materials are immersed in water for 100 days, the main mechanical index will not change and the material can be used normally after moved out and being dried by natural wind.

Tangdun functional board contains a lot of plant fibers, and it is under alkalescence state, with outstanding cementing property and low corrosivity, and thus it can be used as a substitute material of wood. Compared with other non-wooden materials, performance on processing and installation of this material is excellent, which can be pasted, cut, tacked, drilled, painted and shaved, with superior toughness and not easy to be broken. It can be mounted freely by tapping screw, gun pin and straight pin and applied by wet process and dry-hang.

Tangdun functional board relies on even small pore structure to ensure very good sound insulation that other materials are unable to surpass.

By inorganic mineral powder of Tangdun functional board, it realizes many functions such as mould proof, anti-microbial, insect & termitic prevention and other functions, fully conforming to the international mould proof standard of building materials.

Reduction ratio of Tangdun functional board is≤0.2%, and the bulking factor is ≤0.5%, with outstanding freezing resistance and it will change a little due to expansion and contraction. After long-term tests, the materials still are sturdy and durable.

The density of Tangdun functional board is 1.1g/cm³, which enables the weight of inner wall of buildings reducing more than 60%, helpful for structure anti-knock and reducing the cost on foundation and structural main body.

Strength, toughness, density and thickness of Tangdun functional board can be adjusted according to actual need and customers’ requirements. These products are widely applied at engineering construction and finishing of commercial buildings, industrial buildings and public project buildings, especially for office buildings, hotels, KTV, hospitals, schools, nursery schools, railway stations, vessels, airports and gymnasium that have high request on fireproof performance and environment protection.



Comparison List of Tangdun Functional Boards 


Product name

Reaction to fire

Environmental friendliness

Heat transfer coefficient



Screw holding power

Flexural strength

Sound insulation

Tangdun functional broad

A1: No contribution to a fire

Including no toxic substance

Good thermal insulator

No significant changes in physical qualities after soaking in water for 90 days

Can be used widely

Can be nailed, planed, screwed or cut



Plaster board

A2: No significant contribution to fire growth; decompose at high temperature

Including no toxic substance; Efflorescences can occur

Ordinary thermal insulator

Resolve when meeting water

No facing or paint can be applied on it

Only wedge anchor can be used



Calcium silicate board

A1: No contribution to a fire

Including asbestos

Good thermal insulator

No significant changes in physical qualities after soaking in water for 30 days

Materials including paper, cloth or aluminum plate can be applied on it

Can be nailed, planed, screwed or cut



Medium density fiberboard

C: contribution to a fire

Using wood as raw material; Including formaldehyde

Ordinary thermal insulator

Significant changes in physical qualities after absorbing water

Materials including paper, cloth or aluminum plate can be applied on it

Can be nailed, planed, screwed or cut



Phenolic insulation board 

B: Limited contribution to fire growth; carbonized when meeting fire

Including phenol and formaldehyde

Excellent thermal insulator

Waterproof as a foam product

Light materials can be applied on it

Cannot be nailed, planed, screwed; Difficult for processing

Extremely poor


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